Park Rules and Policy

Commonly Enforced Rules:

  • QUIET HOURS are from 10 P.M to 8 A.M. 

  • No excessively loud noise is permitted at any time.

  • GENERATORS are not allowed to be used; except when an unexpected electrical outage occurs.

  • Be considerate of other guests if smoking, if another guest complains, you may be asked to leave.

  • WOOD CAMPFIRES are not permitted unless express written permission has been granted by park owner Damian Green. 

  • GAS/PROPANE CAMPFIRES are permitted. A gas ring is also always available in the common area for anyone to use. Please ask if you have any questions about how to get it lit.

  • SEPTIC SYSTEM – The park septic system is only designed to handle human waste and toilet paper and strained dishwater. Other items such as feminine hygiene products and paper towels are not permitted. Furthermore, other things like coffee grounds, prescription medicines, and harsh chemicals (that you wouldn’t swallow or put on your skin) can not go into the system without causing damage. For more information for how to care for a septic system, please visit the EPA web page:  .

  • Speed limit in park is 10mph. (Yes we know that’s slow, but please relax; this is a vacation area and other guests should be able to relax too.) 

  • NOTIFICATIONS – All notifications provided by Guests or Tenants may be handed directly to Park managers/owners Jessica or Damian Green who can be reached at (623) 205-8857 or (480) 754-9284 or mailed to Clarkdale RV Park at 1160 N. Old Clarkdale Hwy. Cottonwood, AZ 86326. All notifications provided by park management to guests or tenants can be directly handed to the guest or tenant, may be firmly taped to the door of the registered guest’s or tenant’s RV or vehicle, or placed in mailbox designated for that space (if a mailbox location has been established).

  • NO UNSIGHTLY CLUTTER! This is at the discretion of park management. If a park manager recognizes something unsightly in your space, you will be provided with a warning and a reasonable time period for which to clean up or correct the issue. Photographs may be taken by park management of the area at any time with respect to the incident.

  • POISONS AND PESTICIDES: In effort to preserve local wildlife and the integrity of the water from the wells, any use of Poisons, Pesticides, and Weed Killers must be approved by management.

Parking Rules:

  • No parking in empty sites that have not been paid for.

  • No more than 2 cars may be parked in a space at one time, if an additional guest vehicle has been paid for, it must be parked in another available marked space (near the office or otherwise where directed by management).

  • Car Dollies, Flat Bed Trailers, Boats, etc each take up space and will be counted as separate vehicles and therefore must be paid for accordingly. Additionally, they may only remain parked on the property for a maximum of 14 days; beyond that, they must be stored in another location.

  • Some larger vehicles such as semi tractors and boats (even some large pickup trucks) may be counted as 2 vehicles at the discretion of the park management. In case of argument, those large vehicles will be defined as any vehicle with an area footprint greater than 114 sqft (about the size of a non-modified Ford Expedition (~17’4”x6’6”))

  • All vehicles must be licensed and registered with the Park and remain in good operating condition at all times. Non-registered vehicles may be towed.

  • If a repair to a vehicle needs to be made, the repair must be completed promptly and safely and within designated space; under no circumstances should any fluids from the vehicle be allowed to spill onto the ground. All tools and trash must also be promptly cleaned up after a repair. 

  • No major engine repairs or vehicle modifications may be done on site.

Pet Rules:

  • All dogs over 12 lbs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet.

  • No pets may be left unattended. Owners must be in control of their pets at all times.

  • No more than 2 pets per space.

  • All Guests and Tenants must promptly clean up after their pets.

  • No loud barking dogs, screeching parrots, or other loud animals. 

  • All pets must be registered at the office.

  • All animals may be refused by park management at their discretion; particularly: aggressive behaving dogs or breeds or animals other than cats, dogs, birds, and fish.

Payment Rules:

  • All site rental fees are due and payable in advance.

  • Short Term Registration periods and rates may only be extended if the space has not already been reserved for the desired period, and if that period is consecutive, and if the total length of stay will be less than 180 days. (There is no guarantee that the space has not already been reserved until the new days have been registered.)

  • No guest shall be permitted to stay for more than 180 consecutive days without being approved for and signing a Long Term Monthly lease agreement (this is because various state tenancy laws come into effect beyond that amount of time).

  • RESERVATIONS – Reservations will only be held if at least one night has been paid for in advance.
  • RESERVATION CANCELLATION – Cancellations of early reservations may be fully refunded if canceled within 7 days of making the reservation, or prior to 30 days in advance of the date of stay. If the cancellation occurs outside of either of those conditions, the first night stay may be charged and the rest of the money collected for additional nights will be refunded. 

Misc. Other Rules:

  • Check out time is at 12:00 pm (noon). If you would like to stay longer, check with Management first to see if there are pre-existing reservations, if not, you may be allowed to stay later in the day for no additional charge at Managers discretion. 

  • Park guests are financially responsible for any damage to Park property, intentional or accidental.  Willful damage or defacing of Park property will be cause for immediate eviction and prosecution.

  • Guests or tenants are not permitted to defoliate or cut any trees, bushes, or plants on or around the property without approval of park management.

  • Firearms must be kept responsibly and out of sight.

  • Profane, abusive or threatening language or actions directed at Park management or other guests is prohibited.   

  • Any actions that interfere with normal operation of the Park are prohibited.

  • Park management reserves the right to approve or reject any guest based on the age and/or appearance of their vehicle or RV.

  • Soliciting is not permitted inside the park.

  • No drinks on Foosball table.

  • TRASH must be disposed of in the waste dumpster and never left outside overnight.

  • MAIL:  If you will be with us temporarily, we suggest that you do a TEMPORARY FORWARD through your post office, NOT A CHANGE OF ADDRESS.  If you do the Temporary Forward, your mail will then return to the original address when the Temporary Forward expires. In some cases where your stay is less than one month, you can put a HOLD on your mail and you can pick it all up at the Post Office when you go home.  If you happen to do a CHANGE OF ADDRESS instead for only a short stay, then when you leave the Park, the Post Office WILL NOT allow another CHANGE OF ADDRESS going out.  The Park will then have to personally FORWARD your mail to you. There is a charge for us to Forward your mail, and we will only forward for a period of 30-days. After 30-days, we will instruct the Post Office to RETURN TO SENDER.  In addition, you will need notify all relevant persons/companies of your new address.

  • The Park reserves the right to make changes to the rules and policies at any time, without prior notice. Notice of the change shall be provided to all current Guests and Tenants within 24 hours of the change. Long term tenants may then request and be permitted an exemption from the new or modified rules until the end date of their lease agreement or until the end of 30 days, whichever persists longer.

Privacy Policy:

  • We at Clarkdale RV fully respect your privacy on the internet and will never use your information gathered here to sell or give to third parties. 

  • We reserve the right however to use the information collected here in attempt to recoup due charges in the event that they have not been paid in full, and to determine suitability of occupancy.