August 3, 2016

New Park Management!

Almost There!

As of today, I (Damian) am done building the website! Sure it will need some work here and there, but it’s not bad for starters. Amazingly enough, it comes before we even own the Park!

Also as of today, it is looking like the closing date of the sale of this here Park will be on or around August 12th (2016). At that point, Jessica and I will be the new Owners and managers of the Park and we will immediately begin making improvements and bringing it up to better standards.

We have a long way to go to bring the park to what we have envisioned, but we have the motivation and drive to do make some changes.

Our general plan for development is to start making the common areas more appealing.

  • We’ll start with the Club House and bring it up to a more appealing state, some minor construction will be involved. We have some ideas for the lawn area as well, although we might not get to those until later.
  • We may then construct a new covered area for Laundry machines.
  • Next we will begin planting a number of trees and cutting and shaping some paths into existing tree thickets behind all spaces. Those paths will lead to several secret gardens hidden away under the canopy.
  • We will then begin refurbishing the outside of the house/office to make it more visually appealing.
  • Then similarly, we will begin refurbishing the exterior of the old mobile home to make it more visually appealing.
  • We will begin addressing parking areas and placing curb lines or structural barriers. At that point we may also begin implementing some new parking and clutter rules, but we don’t expect that to happen for a while.
  • At some point in there, we will also need to refurbish the inside of the old mobile home (when current tenants move out) and portions of the house/office too (all that will be a lot of work).
  • We would also like to improve the road coming in and maybe help rebuild the neighbor’s fence.
  • And we have a number of other ideas too that we think will add a lot to the property and make it a much more charming and desirable place to live or vacation, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Let’s take it one step at a time…

We intend to bring about some additional community activities to the Park as well, such as planting a vegetable garden, organizing some night cap events, some dietary and self help discussions, some barbecue events and more…

In the mean time, before the property becomes ours, we will continue to prepare for what is to come. And when the Park does become ours, we will walk around and introduce ourselves to all existing residents and schedule a time within the month to sit down and talk about pre-existing agreements, to collect some personal information and hammer out new agreements with everyone.  We don’t want to make too many adjustments to agreements that are already in place right now, but there will be some changes, and we will discuss those with everyone individually.

Hopefully, the changes we will be making will result in a Park that everyone is happy with and one in which everyone can enjoy as a place to sit back and relax.

We hope you will like it,

Damian Green