August 3, 2016

Customer Feedback

This is a place for people to say whatever they want about their experiences here at the park. These comments will only be filtered for spam and inappropriate content. Comments both good and bad will be kept however.

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2 Comments on “Customer Feedback

Getus outof the City
February 9, 2019 at 1:40 pm

I see that upgrades are in the works for this RV community. Please keep in mind while doing this, that all of us coming up from the City are looking for large RV spaces that we can enjoy and where we have “plenty” of space to put our awnings out and still not have to look across into the next RV’s windows.
We live that way here and want to get away from it for a while ….and be close to nature. (With all the Amenities of course! lol!)

Thanks! Looks like you have a great place there, looking forward to staying there.

February 24, 2019 at 2:26 pm

Thank you for your suggestion. We are a small park and have done the best we could to utilize the land we have available to give people as much visibility to the surrounding open space as possible. We have also made the decision not to develop on more than half our property such that a great deal of it remains a natural habitat for the abundance of wildlife that roams through it daily. I believe this natural space allows for a much less claustrophobic atmosphere than many other parks offer. I admit, however, that some of the spaces are packed closely together. This is an unfortunate result of the fact that we must also pay the bills. But I do recognize your concern and have done my best in all new developments to try to angle spaces for better porch space and better views, separate them with plants and trees where possible, and generally keep the park as open and shaded as possible.

At this point, I think the overall layout of the park is pretty much OK and I do not intend to change it much except to re-position some of the hookup pedestals a dozen feet or so for better positioning of the RVs. I also intend to plant some more trees and shrubs, make some upgrades to the laundry room, and do some general maintenance on some other areas of the park, but much of the common space is now fairly well developed.

Anyway, I definitely appreciate your comment and would like you to know that I feel the same way.



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