About Us

Just to add something a little personal:

Damian Green

After working as an Electrical Engineer, helping for many years to develop digital libraries used in microchips for various companies in Phoenix, Damian has decided he has had enough of working too many hours for someone else, and instead has decided to work for himself as the owner of Clarkdale RV and Green Dingle Web Development.

Jessica Green

The hardest job in the world is being a mother, to teenagers no less! But besides that, Jessica has been many things including a Head Chef for a gourmet restaurant, a caretaker for several para- and quadra-pelagic individuals, and now she helps run this here park and helps keep another locally owned restaurant operational as well. 


With all their experience, Jessica and Damian have decided to start a new career out of managing this here RV Park and bringing it to it’s fullest potential. As of the Park’s purchase in August of 2016, there is a lot of room for improvement, but together, Damian and Jessica are confident they can achieve great things there.