May 10, 2019

2019 Spring update.

Clean up:

Tenants and guests are of course free to use the Rec. Center anytime they wish, but please clean up after yourselves. Also, people have been leaving unwanted food and charity items in the Rec. Center which has attracted some wild animals, who subsequently made an enormous mess. Please do not leave any food behind in the Rec. Center. Also, any charity items found in the Rec. Center that do not belong in the Rec. Center will be thrown away after 1 day. Please do not leave them there…


As many of you know, I (the owner) have taken a new part time job with the Post Office and may not be around during the day, for several days a week, but I will continue to be available after hours on those days. Jessica may also be around, so if you need to reach us, your best bet is just to knock on our door, but you may also contact us by phone or text. I may not be able to answer right away as my new job involves a lot of driving, but I will respond when I get a chance. 480-754-9284


Due to upgrades made recently to space 13, the trash bin has moved closer to the entrance of the park. Unfortunately, there is no electricity near that new location so be on the look out for new solar lights that will light up the area at night.

A number of the baby trees that were planted last year unfortunately didn’t make it, but fortunately, we had several planted in pots that did very well, and now, most of those have been re-transplanted to back to the locations where the other ones died; this time in much deeper and wider wells. They should all do much better this year.


Once again the rates have changed slightly for all new tenants. There has been a decrease in the price of propane tank exchanges as well. Please see the Rates page for details.

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