February 28, 2017

18 New Trees in Feb.

In the past 10 days we have been busy planting new trees and shrubs around the park. With these, of course, includes an all new irrigation system for them. And although the irrigation system is not entirely complete as planned, this day marks a significant point of completion, where the dripper system infrastructure now covers most of the park.

Among other recent upgrades, we have also installed new CAT6 network cable in many of the same trenches, and wireless routers in key locations, so that all spaces should now have access to park WiFi.

Renovations to the Recreation Center/Club House are also complete. It’s stocked full of lots of things for the┬áenjoyment of our guests. It has a kitchen, lounge chairs and couches, a nice propane fireplace, a foosball table, a computer attached to a stereo, a hutch filled with lots of books, puzzles, games, and even video game systems that kids particularly enjoy. You really must explore it to see for yourself how nice it is and what else it has to offer.

So while there are still a lot more upgrades planned for the premises in the near future, we have approached a major milestone in investment and thought it would be worth while to share some of those more significant improvements that we have made thus far. Hopefully our efforts will not have gone un-noticed.

Thanks for reading,

Damian Green (owner)